The popular cabin procedures for hair restoration

The times when, a beauty salon, could only come to a hair cut or dyeing, permanently and irretrievably gone. Now has entered the era of healthy and well kept hair. As for the cabin care for most visitors is the unexplored path (but one even the dark forest), we tell, what are cabin procedures now in vogue and which of it is worth it to do already, so that literally cannot get to know their hair.

If your hair is in good condition, their quality, luster, firmness and strength you are happy, then you have enough carefully selected care at home, which will condition and protect from the environmental impact. If there are moments care products that you want to work, then without the help of salon procedures you cannot do.

The procedure of hair lamination.

Is intense fills the "emptiness" of mata. They impose a special feature, which consists of aizsargplēvīti, to maintain the ambient exposure.

Important: lamination is not required to excessively damaged and the newly-dyed hair. First fill it keratins, but then do this care.lamination

Service Glossing

It is a complex restoration of all hair types with an emphasis on gloss, smoothness, gloss and strength. After this procedure, you can be sure that the hair not only protected. At The Glossing no contraindications: you can try the service regardless of your type of hair and condition.

Express service of the "Molecular cocktail"

Is to apply the unique concentrates, each of which, depending on the ingredients, which helps to solve one of the most common problems. So, if you are spoiled, "tired" hair, add volume and restore them from the inside will help, for example, molecular concentrate of the Miracle Morpher Kick up the Protein to increase the protein content. In turn, due to the composition filling the voids in the outer layer of hair cuticle, strengthens them and prevents cracking and fracturing. Other molecular concentrate with lipids Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipid helps to protect hair from the permanent harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, moisture and temperature fluctuations, which is very important for modern women. In order to achieve the maximum effect, the master of the beauty salon picks up the combination of molecular with each client on an individual basis.

Mineral peeling scalp

Recommended for those who suffer from the problems of oily scalp and * for greasy roots, and when in this dry tips. Peeling helps cleanse scalp of the savings balance of the gels, and lacquers, promotes good volume at the hair roots. Important, that the procedure at the throughout the rest, who have no contra-indications, it is also suitable for children and adolescents, for example, during puberty, when hair varies with increased "greasiness". head skin peeling

In general, care takes no more than half an hour, but the result after the first procedure are visible immediately. Skin cleansing head with peeling normalizes the Ph balance and improves sebaceous gland activity, provides better blood circulation.

A two-step professional hair restoration system

ensure the restoration of severely damaged hair, the application of new proprietary technology. Pulses of peptides and plant extract, gotu kola deeply moisturizes and restores damaged hair, but a complex of amino acids and lipids dramatically improves the quality and increases the durability. Softens the ingredient, the extract, camellia and argan oil smoothens, gives shine, makes hair smooth and flexible.

Procedure master is doing 2 stages: using the rejuvenating serum, and then the recovery cream. It is a real salvation for fragile, which is deprived of hair volume.