The best means of hair restoration

The frequent use of the hair dryer and taisnotāja, metal buckles, dyeing and lashes causing damage to hair. They become nespodri, disobedient, quickly lūztoši, saputrojas and do not hold volume.

As a result, the question arises: how to recover severely damaged hair? To do this it is used in various masks and balzāmus, which is easy to cook at home, have developed the means of professional cosmetics, which is implemented in specialized stores. For advanced cases, doctors-trichologists recommend to resort to salon procedures. For all these methods we'll talk about.

the best hair restoration

How to wash head

When the hair rods – the entire length or only galiņus – damaged, normal shampoos are not already applied. Based on the fact that the main cleaning agent most shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate, SLS), which is derived from palm oil. Get below the elevation of the scales of the outer layer of damaged hair rod, SALT removes water from the invested deeper layers. As a result the hairs become even more dry and brittle, but their ends are splitting. In addition, the lauryl sulphate provides the irritant effects on the scalp.

Shampoo to restore damaged and colored hair should be pantenols, glycine, collagen, nourishing oil, a fruit wax, vitamins (especially nikotīnskābi, B12, B1), uv filter. A shampoo composition is directed to the solution of specific problems. It is where the hair:

  • Dry, without the above-mentioned ingredients in the composition is present, lecitīnu – substances-emulsifier, which is composed of various useful fatty acids.
  • After the chemical there is, or long-lasting dye, buy shampoo with silk protein, or other protein is of plant origin.
  • Need to prepare for the next summer vacation, where they will work in salty water and uv rays, select a shampoo, the components which is indicated not only uv protection, but also keratin. The latter, which is an analogue of the natural that hair, surrounded by the protective film, there from harmful effects. The effect of the amplifier can also use face masks and serums that contain keratin.
  • Not badly damaged, but you intend to constantly spraying them (for example, stealth sirmumu), buy shampoos with herbal extracts: burdock root, nettle, chamomile.

Medicated skin reģenerējošie shampoos are now produced by many cosmetic companies.

Choosing the best shampoo to restore damaged hair from such a list difficult – the effect will occur after one use and probe here can help. Dry hair with a damaged structure in need in addition to the funds care of: disguises (home, semi-professional or professional), serum, lotions, oils, amputated preparations, salon care.

best to restore hair-gelatin mask

Home remedies

At home you can cook a variety of masks, concoctions and shampoos. The effect of the means of application is not necessary to wait for fast: usually the improvement becomes noticeable only with 3-4 weeks of constant use.

Below the mask, directed to restore the damaged hair structure tested in women, and received a lot of positive feedback. Use them 2-4 times a week, after 30-120 minutes before washing. By layering throughout the hair length of the hair setting follows with a polyethylene cap or package. Please note: professional hairdresser recommends to apply the mask, which contains only the concentrated oils (coconut, linseed oil, argan) roots.

Butter and yolk

Stir through a spoonful burdock and castor oil, the oil is heated, add the beaten until the foam yolk and chicken eggs. Withstand not less than an hour and a half. To enhance the effect, add the already heated mixture of packet of color henna, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of alcohol.

Of vitamins and oils

Ingredients: 40 ml lemon juice, 30/30/50 ml peach oil, sunflower and corn, respectively, for 1 ampoule of vitamins A and E. the lemon juice to add vitamins. Then mix with the heated water in the water bath with the oil mixture. Hold for 2 hours.


Avocados and bananas along the 1 thing samīca pureed, mixed with a tablespoon of warm vegetable oil. Slurry spread from the roots to the tips and leave it under the cap to 40 minutes.


A handful of fresh strawberries, 5 ml of oil, olives and coconut, a spoonful of liquid honey. Sasmalciniet strawberries, oil and honey to the puree status, apply to wet hair. Exposure – 20 minutes. If washing shampoo can be used – only with warm water.

With Dimexidum

Components are sold in a pharmacy: dadžu, castor oil, oil solutions of vitamins A and E, in vials, "Dimethylsulfoxide" ("Dimexidum"); need a syringe to 5 ml and gloves. All the oil components of the mix in this proportion: castor oil – 2 full syringes of 5 ml burdock – 3 syringes, vitamin – 3 syringes each. A mixture of slightly heated water bath, then add "Dimexidum" in volume of 5 ml, is applied to hair with gloves. Withstand 50 minutes, wash off with a shampoo.

The mask is corrosive to the smell, and for some time after its application, this smell will be felt in the breath of the air. For its application is a contraindications: pregnancy, liver disease, allergic disease, breastfeeding, after a stroke, as well as severe kardiovaskulāras disease. Not recommended for frequent use, where the scalp skin is dry.

In spite of these shortcomings the "Dimexidum" is one of the best rd of useful substances inside the hair and skin. This mask very well help restore damaged hair ends.


It is a means of providing the laminating effect. A tablespoon of gelatin without additives, pour 100 ml of warm water, leave until fully swell. Then heat the jelly water bath, add 5 ml of castor oil, 10 drops of vitamin A and E. to Withstand 40 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Home restore damaged hair means wash the head after washing decoction of herbs:

  • from the burdock root, the mother-and-pamātes, sage;
  • from the nettle, kalmes, chamomile, willow bark.

Popular approaches to restore shag

When to start?

Weakened hair is often the result of the negative impact of several factors.

The most common against the diseases, curls leading:

  • aggressive care;
  • correctly selected cosmetics;
  • frequent chemical effects (for example, hair coloring, hair taisnošana and so on);
  • mechanical trauma (hairpins, combs, and so on);
  • vitamins lack;
  • bad habits and pr

So, there are a lot of negative torque, due to which the lokas lose the external attraction and internal health.

It is the right time to think about how to restore a shag, if you notice:

  • drought;
  • the loss of shine;
  • stiffness;
  • injuriosum;
  • static electricity;
  • hair šķeltos ends;
  • dandruff and hair loss.
Tip! Be sure to review your meals and start using the vitamin complexes for hair. Without the internal support external therapy will not be able to recover the hair's radiance, softness and firmness of the skin.

Specialized cosmetic products

Restores hair means is the altus specialioribus cosmetic products. Their composition contains a lot of active and unique ingredients that contribute to the full recovery of the hairstyles.

The most popular:

  • masks;
  • balsams;
  • the keratin complex.

Balsams, creams, masks

Hair restoration with professional resources, is particularly important, if the result in of hair the procedure, it is necessary in a short time.

Also these products should be used for particular be, for example, the following:

  • strong ultraviolet radiation exposure;
  • cycle colorings /lighting;
  • multiple there is or hair straightening products, using chemical preparations and so on

There is a lot of high-quality, professional products that will help in the treatment of damaged hair.

Folk therapy

An ever greater popularity nowadays acquire the hair to restore the people's means. Various masks and medicines in the mouth, deeply nourishes curls, gives them the lost beauty, glow, and firmness of the skin. For good efficiency, data products, says the long-term relevance.

Please note! Means methods, the people's recipes require prolonged therapy. That would result in noticeable and sustainable, it is necessary to use the courses.

Recipes of the most popular masks

A classic and simple recipe is famous for the mask of honey and oil. It is perfect for dry, rigid, porous hair. If your root is different greasy, use a mixture can only galiņi.

Preparation of the mask with their own hands, according to the following scheme:

best to restore the hair aloja mask
  1. The high temperature of the dish, add three tablespoons of base oils, vegetable (will fit the olive, dadžu, almond and so on) and one large tablespoon of liquid honey.
  2. Place the ingredients in the microwave or on the steam bath. A little heat and stir until homogeneous mass.
  3. Apply it on hair. Pay special attention to dry.
  4. Soak in the mixture for about 30-45 minutes, and rinse.

Do sprogas, any type of soft, easy to comb and mitrināti will help mask out of avocado, oil and honey.

To cook is:

  1. Mash half of the avocado. Add the flesh of 1-3 teaspoons of almond/olive and burdock oils. The quantity depends on length hairstyles.
  2. Two tablespoons of honey, a little melts and mixed with the oil-avocado mixture. Any uniform creamy consistency and apply on lokas.
  3. After 45-60 minutes, the mask can be removed.

This mix of a great deal even with a heavy and in which cases. Emergency restoration use her turn, day-two, already 10 days. Prevention, it is sufficient once a week.

If you are in need of deep moisturizing and nutrition, pay attention to the important component, that contains many restorative hair products — pantenols.

You can easily create a mask on the basis of their home circumstances, through:

  • Pantenols gel/cream – 1-2 ēdk.;
  • eggs yolk;
  • kefir – 2 eat. k.;
  • castor oil – 3 tējk.

Oil, kefīru and egg yolk thoroughly mix, but better sakuļ with electric mixer until light foam, gradually adding pantenols. Apply to the lokas, the heat of the muzzle on the head. To save the mixture can be from one to two hours, then wash the head with shampoo.

Quickly restore the look of the shag, you can use the mask from the gelatin. She will be the weight of the strands, covering each matiņš collagen layer. This covering will protect the hair from various harmful external factors.

Instruction, after which you should operate, is very simple:

  1. Cover with a food gelatin in the warm water of 1: 3. Mix well, spread in a container and leave to brew for about half an hour).
  2. Wash the head in the normal way. At the end, use the balm. Then neatly cut the strands with a towel.
  3. The swollen gelatin, add the egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. If lokas differ with strong drought tolerance, complement, blend a little spoon a little of the seats almond/olive oil.
  4. Apply the composition to the hair, without affecting the basal area. Collect the lokas with special cap and roll up the towel.
  5. After 45 minutes – hour to wash the product with clean water.

Mask with the juice of burdock and aloe vera

The juice of aloe vera is to take care in advance, whereas the sides of the page need to store in a cool place not less than 10 days, and only after these procedures, they may be easy to get the juice. Juice of burdock obtained by boiling 100 grams of the leaves, which have been previously rinsed thoroughly, dried and cut, in boiling water to simmer for 20 minutes.

The resulting boiling, strain and add it to aloe juice, as well as a heated vegetable oil and a teaspoon of honey. The mask is applied on clean scalp, namely, skin and hair galiņi, and then it sticks with a warm towel not less than an hour. By the time she is to be washed with a shampoo.

Bread mask

With decoctions from medicinal products shall be accompanied by mashed potatoes, black bread, butter and beaten egg yolk. The mask is applied to the roots, then the head better wrap with food film and to wrap the thick towel. After an hour, the mask rinse with normal hair washing a head.

Gelatin mask

Flooded with water gelatin to leave forty minutes to complete your swell, then heated and poured into the beaten yolk and a little of your favorite shampoo. The mixture evenly apply to all the strands and washed off after forty minutes.

Cabin rejuvenating procedures

  1. Hair lamination – combines the two functions of protection and gives hair healthy and well kept. A protective layer, which is formed in each of the torqueo smooths out the structure and makes them smooth and shiny. Useful substance fills the hair shaft and aizlīp inside, due to which, the curls obtained by a luxurious shine and additional volume.
  2. Glaze – the perfect solution for women plans and for debilitated hair. Thanks to its formula, he adds sheen and volume, as well as for the special protective film that covers each hair, treating the hair end split and granted the smoothness and zīdainumu. Glaze protects your hair from the sun's rays and overdried air.
  3. Protection –hair-care complex, which is focused on nourishing and deep moisturizing, damaged hair. In addition, the procedure eliminates the problems deep from the inside a pinch, externally they are smooth and shiny.
  4. Mesotherapy – it is a procedure by which the head surface of the skin injection is injected into a special feature that treats the sprogas from the roots. Mesotherapy improves vein tone, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, as a result, she prevents hair and skin lesions.